Upcoming Program

Sunday March 1 2020, 11 am


Rev. Rhona Segarra 

Each of us has inherent abilities that can shape how we experience our world. Charles Fillmore, a co-founder of Unity, grouped these abilities into twelve groups which he referred to as The Twelve Powers. 

This is week 2 of our 6 week series on the Twelve Powers. Each week we look at two Powers, how they can work well together and how they can sometimes be out of balance.   

This Sunday March 1 we look at our abilities of “Release” and “Life”, and the powerful results we experience when we live from “THE LESS THE MERRIER”

All are welcome at Unity of New Westminster.
All are worthy at Unity of New Westminster.
All are celebrated at Unity of New Westminster.


At Unity of New Westminster, we are ambassadors for kindness, connection and support. 

We accept each person as they are and honor each person’s right to choose their life path.