Talks and Videos

April 26 2020 Rev. Rhona Segarra "Walk Lightly on the Earth" Watch the message.   Watch the entire service

April 19 2020 Rev. Rhona Segarra "Living in the Land of Both-And" Watch the message. Watch the entire service

April 12 2020 Rev. Rhona Segarra Easter Sunday  Watch the messageWatch the entire service 

April 8 2020 Rev. Rhona Segarra Holy Week Services

April 5 2020 Rev. Rhona Segarra "'SHOULD' Happens" 

March 29 2020 Rev. Rhona Segarra. "It's all about We" recorded remotely. Watch service  

March 22 2020 Rev. Rhona Segarra. "Passion and Productivity" recorded remotely. Watch service

January 5 2020.  Rev Rhona Segarra White Stone Service  Watch message

December 29 2019.  Rev Rhona Segarra Burning Bowl Service  Watch opening prayer and message

December 22 2019. Rev. Rhona Segarra with Colleen Gibson and Lyle Dellingham. Christmas Lessons and Candle Lighting. Watch message

December 19 2019. Rev. Rhona Segarra with Unity of New Westminster board of trustees and staff. 12 Powers Candle Lighting. Watch readings

December 15 2019. Rev. Rhona Segarra. "A Joy=Filled Christmas/Gifts of Imperfection Week 6" Watch message

December 12 2019. Rev. Rhona Segarra "A Blue Christmas" Watch full service

December 8 2019. Rev. Rhona Segarra "A Peace-Filled Christmas/Gifts of Imperfection Week 5." Watch message

December 1 2019. Rev. Rhona Segarra "A Faith-Filled Christmas//Gifts of Imperfection Week 4" Watch message

November 24 2019. Rev. Rhona Segarra "Unity New Westminster's 50th Birthday Celebration." Watch (some video lost) 

October 27 2019 Rev Rhona Segarra "The Gifts of Imperfection Week 3: "Self-Compassion". Watch message

October 20 2019 Newsletter  Rev. Rhona Segarra "The Gifts of Imperfection Week 2: Authenticity" Watch message

October 13 2019 Newsletter  Rev. Rhona Segarra "The Gifts of Imperfection Week 1: Gratitude and Joy" Watch Sunday's message

October 6 2019 Newsletter  Rev. Rhona Segarra "Be A Quitter Week 2" 

September 29 2019 Newsletter Rev. Rhona Segarra "Be A Quitter Week 1" 

September 22 2019 Newsletter Eric Hellman "Inner Healing: Finding Peace with the Voices Inside" 

September 15 2019 Newsletter Eric Hellman "Intuition, Guidance and Inner Knowing"

September 8 2019 Newsletter Rev. Rhona Segarra "The Lord's Prayer" - Watch the Video

September 1 2019 Newsletter Rev. Rhona Segarra Beatles Week 5 "Beatles Festival of Song" - Watch the Video

August 25 2019 Newsletter Rev. Rhona Segarra Beatles Week 4 "We Can Work It Out" - Watch the Video

August 18 2019 Newsletter Rev. Rhona Segarra Beatles Week 3 "You were only waiting for this moment to arise" - Watch the Video

August 11 2019 Rev. Rhona Segarra Beatles Week 2 "Take a sad song and make it better" - Watch the Video

August 4 2019 Rev. Rhona Segarra Beatles Week 1 "You Say you Want a Revolution" - Watch the Video

July 28 2019 Alexandra Gale, LUT "As Without, so Within" - Watch the Video

July 21 2019 "Making Room for God" -

July 14 2019 Rev. Rhona Segarra "I've Often Wondered..." -  Watch the Video

July 7 2019 Rev. Rhona Segarra "How I Got to Here" Watch the Video

June 30 2019 Ordination Celebration for Rev. Rhona Segarra Watch the Video

April 21 2019 "Easter Sunday: Rolling away the Stone" 

March 3 2019 "Steps into Spirituality" Week 2 of 3

February 24 2019 "Steps into Spirituality" Week 1 of 3