Sunday February 24 2019

In the next 3 weeks we will explore the universal spiritual principles that are found in 12 step recovery programs… and how those 12 steps are valuable for ALL people, those in recovery AND those who are not in recovery.

In Week 1, February 24 2019, we explore the first three steps. They reflect the spiritual practice of hope and trust: we release, surrender and open ourselves to the wisdom and strength of a Power greater than our human ego.
The first 3 steps and their relationship to the first 3 Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-5), part of the Sermon on the Mount, will be highlighted.

Join us at 11:00 for this thought-provoking and uplifting celebration service.

Afterward, join us for a POT-LUCK lunch at 12:30, followed by the movie "MY NAME IS BILL W", which tells the story of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Bring Food to share. All are welcome!

All ages, denominations, genders, orientations, abilities and ideologies are welcome in our community.