This Sunday...

August 11 2019, 11 am: "Take a Sad Song and Make it Better"

Beatlemania, Unity-style! Join us for week 2 of a series of 4 as we sing together and explore the wisdom found in songs by the Beatles. 

A Magical Metaphysical Tour with The Beatles!


The music of the Beatles is

beloved, beautiful and brimming with wisdom. 

Please join us for a 4 week series featuring the music of

The Beatles. 

Sing, reflect on the words and discover a new appreciation

for the music of the Fab Four. 

In this second week we sing

"Help!", "A Little Help from My Friends", "Hey Jude" and more.


Can we take a sad song and make it better? 

We examine the power of

letting go of the past,

our power to choose how we respond to situations


the importance of reaching for help

when we're feeling overwhelmed.


All are worthy at Unity of New Westminster.

All are welcome at Unity of New Westminster.

All are celebrated at Unity of New Westminster.