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Sunday July 14 2019 "I've Often Wondered..."

How was Unity founded, what do we believe,
how do we view Jesus and the Bible?

Have you ever wondered about these or any other questions
about Unity and Unity's approach to theology?

This Sunday, in a fun and interactive service, 
you will have the opportunity to pose your questions.

Please join us as Rhona responds to your questions about
Unity's teaching, beliefs and principles.

All are welcome at Unity of New Westminster.
All are celebrated at Unity of New Westminster.

Sunday January 13 2019

Unity offers 5 Foundational Principles which can lead us to lives which are joyful, love-filled, peaceful and
powerfully abundant. 
Please join us on Sunday January 13 as Rhona explores the first two of these transforming principles and how they can be applied to our lives.


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